Aiming to create a unique material that could cause different perceptions in the audience, the musicians of Perc3ption used intuition to develop their compositions from their personal tastes and influences. Strolling through the Prog Power Metal with the same intensity, the intention was to incorporate melody and weight, without forgetting the feeling and technique.

Reason And Faith, debut album released in 2013, spoke obscure and polemics issues, notably the conflict between reason and faith. Recorded at Norcal Studios (SP), the material had production in charge of Edu Falaschi (Almah) and co-production Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga.

Now a new phase in sight with Once And For All. In addition to keeping the characteristics presented in previous work, which paced the Prog and Power Metal, the successor of Reason And Faith goes one step further in the melody and weight and also the emotional aspect.

After a period of pre-production with Edu Falaschi (Almah), Glauco Barros and Guilherme Lima made the recordings in the studio the band in Sao Paulo. Aside from technical developments and the full-bodied arrangements, the band includes the participation of vocalist Dan Figueiredo as a factor to obtain the result they sought. “The participation of Dan in the melody composing process was extremely important. He brought new ideas and insights that made all the difference, besides having written the lyrics of Oblivion’s Gate and Immortality songs”, says Wellington Consoli, bassist and responsible for the cover art.

The group anticipated new album with the music video for the Magnitude 666 band, directed by Diogo Araújo, the Under Control Filmes, and recorded a roundabout in ruins in the city of Ribeirão Vermelho (MG). “This roundabout had its material from Scotland and was completed in 1895 by Cia. West Railroad Mines. Unfortunately, it is turned off, but we had full support of the Red Ribeirão Prefecture, which was crucial to manage to shoot scenes there”, explains vocalist Dan Figueiredo. Once And For All is a heavy and exciting disco with a great emotional charge along its nine tracks, including Magnitude 666, chosen as the first single”, says the guitarist and producer Glauco Barros.

The second sample came with the lyric video of Oblivion’s Gate. “It was the first that I wrote for this album. It brings elements and a different atmosphere from most of their songs, sounding melancholy and rhythmic, but with a striking chorus”, explains guitarist and producer Glauco Barros. “It is a narrative of a supposed crack addict, which has a little of your feelings and thoughts during his stay in Cracolândia” adds vocalist Dan Figueiredo.

The physical version of Once And For All was launched in August by Shinigami Records. The album is also available in digital format on the best platforms tracking as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and others and can be checked by streaming on Spotify. New perceptions…

Ricardo Batalha | ASE Press office