Sep 17 2016

Once And For All Receives Score 10 in Review – Metal Samsara


Score 10,0 / 10,0

By Marco Garcia – Metal Samsara

Evolution is one of the major forces that guide the metal bands.

Missing or hitting, some prefer the dynamics of evolution to eternal continuism something. And truth be told, few of the second team can keep up, except rare cases. It’s risky, difficult and not always recognized, but progress is needed, and explore the possibilities of music itself that is done is something that every band must learn to Be-a-ba musical. But there are some who learn so well that it’s amazing what they do.

And let’s say in passing: the PERC3PTION quintet, São Paulo, really surprised everyone with Once and For All, his new album, the Shinigami Records has just put on the market.

In Reason and Faith, first album, they have shown a very good potential, but is Once and For All is jaw-dropping in every way. The style of the band has not changed, it remains that Heavy / Power / Prog Metal before, only with a very heavy and aggressive approach, but while having beautiful melodies, technical work above average, and an ability to hold us in place with his music. And the vocals have improved a lot since the Dan Figueiredo entry gave life and vibrancy to the songs. Otherwise, the work of guitars Glauco Barros and Rick Leite is excellent, and the base of Wellington Consoli (bass) and Peferson Mendes (drums) is heavy and technical in certain measures. And that even with some keyboards and orchestrations very well fitted (most made by Glauco).

The production of the CD is the Glauco Barros along with guitarist Guilherme Lima, and pre-production is Edu Falaschi (Almah’s). The recordings took place in Perc3ption Studios, while the mixing and mastering were done in Ninrod Studios, both with Glauco working with Rodrigo Ninrod. And the result: a sound quality first, sized, fair, heavy and clear as rarely heard in these lands. Yes, the level is very high.

Graphically, art is designed by the quintet own, and made by Wellington. It is interesting to escape from the black pattern that is common to Heavy Metal, preferring bank and shades of blue for the cover art and the cover, and the booklet, filled with engravings in tune with the lyrics, was very good.

But what about the music?

As stated, the PERC3PTION has evolved, and is able to face foreign names with ease, as reached a level that Brazil is too small for their music. Arrangements, dynamics between the instruments themselves and with the vocals, everything is perfect, no points to be criticized, even by the most cri-cri fans to be. And the brightness increases due to special guests: Edu Falaschi (on keyboards in “Rise” and “Welcome to The End”), Mariliane Brizzoti (vocals on “Oblivion’s Gate,” “Rise,” “Braving the Beast” and “Through the Invisible Horizons “), the very Rodrigo Ninrod (vocals on” Persistence Makes the Difference, “” Immortality, “” Braving the Beast “,” Magnitude 666 “and” Through the Invisible Horizons “), and Romulo Dias (vocals on” Persistence make the Difference “).


Don’t play that way, for Once and For All was born great, strong and designed with such ease that there is no way not bestow it as one of the great albums of the year. They really surpassed himself and any expectation.

The songs are mostly long, but we did not get tired at any time.


Persistence Makes the Difference

A stone Heavy / Prog in the face, aggressive, fast and refined with beautiful touches of keyboards. It’s amazing what the guitars are doing in terms of riffs and solos, but at the same time, bass and drums are showing a first job. And that beautiful voice that well combine aggression and melody of the band, was an interpretation first. And imagine it all put on our ears at once.

Oblivion’s Gate

Here, the melodies of the band are more evident than the aggressive side of the quintet’s music. There are more cadenced and sour moments, allowing the guitars dual display and fierce riffs, with bass and drums jutting enough. But the melodious crescendos to repair the beauty of keyboards and vocal strength.


The music alternates between melodic and introspective moments, other grandiose, and other surrounding well and a perfect chorus. Once again, the contrast tone of the bass guitars perfectly contrast with the melodies, especially in the guitar solo.


Modern and aggressive, with the melodies are interspersed with some groove doses. And that beautiful bass and drum work, including well-focused moments in the extreme Metal. But the Prog beauty of duets and solos is absurd.

Braving the Beast

The longest track of the disk, over 10 minutes. And it is here that you realize that all the most technical part of the group’s music emerges naturally. Although not too exaggerate, we see very well played passages of each instrument, while that rule the good progress made variations. She goes from aggressive to introspective without compunction, and gains in the assault.

Magnitude 666

The oppressive aggression once again is present, interspersed with beautiful arrangements of guitars, keyboards darker, and then picks up speed and excites us. It is the official video of the track disc release, so perhaps the simplest disk, and shows once again a great job of vocals.

Welcome to The End

We have a more focused range in aesthetic beauty than in aggression or technique. And it is one of the most accessible, with beautiful melodies, beautiful guitars and a great job of vocals. Listen and get stuck to the band.

Extinction Level Event

Technical and sour, this is a song full of dense and dark elements, since the topic is very heavy. At the same time, the technical side of the band is required and, in particular rhythmic base, showing an extra degree of weight, but always with good technique.

Through the Invisible Horizons

Much weight and Prog technique, but at the same time, there is a concern not to overdo the frills, to focus on the band as a whole. And it works very well, alternating weight, aggression and melody in proper doses, with some backing vocals on there QUEEN at times.


Nailed it, showing that PERC3PTION is in the running to face anyone for his place in the sun, either in Brazil or out of it!

One of the best 2016 albums, no doubt!