Sep 14 2016

Review Over Metal Fest Live Show – Rodie Crew


Over Metal Fest first edition


By Leandro Nogueira Coppi / Photo: Carla Santos

The first edition of Over Metal Fest was held at Gillan’s Inn Inglês Rock Bar which recently moved from downtown São Paulo to the northern zone of the capital, an area that has always been scarce in terms of bars of Rock / Metal. Now, not only the inhabitants of the region, such as those coming from other places, have this great option, because in addition to well structured, the place is easily accessible even for those who depend on public transportation. On Saturday, September 10, the Gillan’s Inn opened its doors to the first edition of Over Metal Fest and the public turned out in good numbers to honor this event, which brought together three generations of São Paulo Metal: The latest PERC3PTION and Armahda; Panzer, founded in the early 90s; and Attomica, most veteran of all, formed in São José dos Campos in the distant year 1985.

Over Metal Fest Perc3ption on Gillans Inn

The debut album, just great “Surrender” – which features video clip – was played. Both she and “Immortality”, showed that despite the sound of Perc3ption move between Heavy Metal and Prog, the group has some lines that bring AOR references. In his presentation, the quintet included songs that they had sampled arrangements keyboard and some that were somewhat long. At various times the audience participated actively, for example, in “Rise,” in which she accompanied the initial fingering music through palms.

Over Metal Fest Perc3ption Dan Figueiredo

One of the coolest was Braving the Beast which Rick Leite explained that the letter speaks of the beast, which was the train carrying Mexicans went to the United States in search of a better life, but many of them they ended up dying. Interestingly, just as the group opened their set with the range that begins Once And For All, the finished with Through The Invisible Horizons, the song that closes. At the end of this, the musicians said goodbye and the band left the stage cheered.