Sep 21 2016

Review Once And For All The Great Evolution – Whiplash


Score 9,0 / 10,0

By Junior Frascá – Whiplash

In his second work, PERC3PTION from São Paulo / SP shows a great evolutioin compared to his debut, Reason of Faith (which is great), both in sound part, as in the lyrical part, has succeeded in an important partnership with the battler Shinigami Records, one of the major metal in the domestic market …

With a great production, post Glauco Barros guitarist, with co-production of Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra), the work shows a more promising band than in the previous work, because while retaining its roots in power metal, brings a wider range influences, organically, with intense melodies, and a weight very well balanced, here made all the difference.

In addition, there is an emotional and introspective mood that permeates all the work, and can be clearly seen in great bands like Rise and Immortality (is with an interesting epic weather) and Welcome to the End, with instrumental verging on perfection, and new singer Dan Figueiredo showing great versatility, captivating the listener with ease.

Another highlight is the crafted Braving the Beast, a real class taste and melodic sense given by the band.

In the moments that ass kicking come loose band also stands out, as Magnitude 666, fast and raw, showing the most right side of the guys (of course, within its sound proposal), one of the album’s best, and chosen to the first work clip (which you can watch below), and Extinction Level Event, more modern and brutal, with Dan showing his aggressive side.



Also worth mentioning the beautiful and cold graphic CD, made by bassist Wellington Consoli of AfterDesign, which portrays well that more charged emotional climate work.

An excellent work, which no doubt will make the band reach a much higher level in his career, deservedly.